10 Things You’ll Love About Working Remotely

Once upon a time, you’d have to plead with your boss for a week in order to ‘work from home’ for a day. And unless you were a top dog in the IT dept, your proposal wouldn’t even be considered.

Times have changed.

A recent study by Gallup revealed that 37% of Americans have worked remotely. For digital nomads, this freedom allows them to travel the world and experience new cultures whilst also furthering their careers and earning a solid wage. For others, such a stay-at-home parents, working remotely gives them the opportunity to create a better work/life balance that their families can benefit from. So, it’s kind of a big deal.

I’ve been working remotely for almost 2 years now and I haven’t looked back. It’s a career choice that’s allowed me to travel, meet new people, and work on my own schedule — which, contrary to popular belief, does not involve sitting around in my PJs all day or basking in the sun for the best part of it either!

A. PJs do not a productive Gráinne make (with the odd exception).

B. I’m Irish — the sun is my nemesis.

Seriously, though, this remote work business is the bee’s knees. Whether you decide to work from home, in a coffee shop down the street, or in a beach hut in Thailand (good luck with the wifi!), there’s an endless list of things you’ll love about working remotely. So if you’re still on the fence about taking the leap, here’s our top 10.

1.Creating Your Own Schedule

You have to be extremely disciplined with your time when you work remotely, but having the freedom to manage it yourself is one of the key benefits to this type of work. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can tailor your work schedule so that it runs in sync with your own internal clock; no alarm clock or commute required. This is also a big plus if you have other commitments, as you can allocate the necessary time for them as required.

2.No Dress Code… At All

Whilst the whole ‘PJs ’til noon’ thing isn’t my usual cup of tea (I need the kick up the bum that I get from getting up and dressed!), a lot of remote workers see it as a massive benefit to consider. Imagine just waking up and getting to work, without having to move an inch from your bed, you’d get a ton done before you even hit the shower!

3.Work & Travel

The ability to work from anywhere has made travel more accessible than ever, and the rise in digital nomadism shows that more and more people are taking advantage of the freedom remote work allows. When your office is your laptop, all you need is a decent wifi connection to work from any location in the world.

4.Less Stress

Escaping the traditional office can be both challenging and stressful, but it’s a different type of stress and it’s definitely more positive than the kind that’s associated with the daily grind. Sure, remote working comes with stresses of its own, but it also allows you to navigate those situations within the setting of your choosing, i.e. the peaceful environment of your home office.

5.Increased Productivity

Studies have proven that remote workers are more productive than traditional office employees. They also tend to get more done in less time in comparison to their office-based counterparts.

6.Increased Happiness

This 9 month study discovered that remote employees were happier, less likely to quit, and more productive overall. They also reported much higher levels of job satisfaction.

Working at home will allow you to work at your own pace, takes breaks when you wish, and eat healthier too. Combine that with flexible working hours, more time to spend with your loved ones, and an overall better work/life balance — and you might as well call it a happiness injection.

7.It’s Easier Than Ever Before

As remote working has become more popular, there have been an increasing amount of web tools created to support location-independent workers. At Buckets, we have a project management and collaboration platform in place that remote teams can use as the ‘hub’ for their daily work. Other companies, such as HipChat and Slack, offer great online chat functions that are designed with remote teams in mind.

You can check out our 10 Essential Web Tools For Digital Nomadsover here.

8.No More Meetings For The Sake Of Meetings

I don’t know anyone who enjoys Monday morning meetings. There’s a reason why they lure you in with the free coffee and cake, you know! Remote working makes the whole process of scheduling meetings much more time efficient and can easily turn a 45 minute dragged-out session into a 15-minute brainstorm of great ideas.

9.You’ll Learn How To Work More Independently

Working remotely forces you to think twice before asking for assistance from a colleague and you may discover that you know more than you thought you did! You’ll soon develop the skill to work more autonomously, and you’ll become more proactive in sourcing the answers to any issues you have before escalating them to someone else.

10.You’ll Save Money

Aside from the obvious lack of commuting expenses, you also won’t have to fork out on new work attire or expensive work lunches!

At Buckets, we are huge advocates of remote working and the Buckets platform provides one of the best ways to collaborate and work with your remote team. So, whether it’s to keep track of your own personal to-do list or to manage a team project, we have you covered. Get started today with your free Buckets account!

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