15 Daily Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs (1/5)

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Is it their vision? Their relentless ambition? A trail blazing work ethic? In reality, an entrepreneur is the sum of all of these things and more. But all of these attributes are supported by the habits and routines they’ve implemented to help them to become the best possible version of themselves.

We reached out to some inspiring entrepreneurs across the world and talked to them about their road to success. In the process, we managed to get a snapshot of their daily habits and routines to share with you here! If you’re struggling with a productive daily routine, this is a great starting point to building a better one!

Writing A To-Do List

with James Hunt of Location Independent

Almost everyone writes to-do lists and they come in all kinds of forms — from shopping lists to work projects — but entrepreneurs are especially big fans of this form of task management. Writing a to-do list every day will help you to prioritize what’s most important and stop you from procrastinating over what to do next. When it comes to getting things done, the to-do list is king.

As a jet-setting digital nomad and entrepreneur, James is a huge advocate of to-do lists and says that they’re his secret to getting stuff done! Luckily, we caught him just before he boarded his next flight to Asia!

“At the end of everyday I line up the tasks I need to achieve the next day. This gives me focus the next morning to just crack on, without getting sucked into emails or the internet. I love the power of to-do lists, and I immediately add things to them instead of having them whirl around my head and cause me stress.”

James admits that he considers himself ‘old school’ when it comes to his to-do list and he tends to just pull up a text document to keep track. As a writer, I totally get the need for simplicity, but with Buckets — we offer a pretty awesome alternative that’s just as easy to use. Setting up your to do list on the Buckets platform only takes a few minutes and it’ll probably save you a few hours of your week!


with Estil Wallace of Undelay.io

Being an entrepreneur is more than a full-time job, it’s a 24/7 gig, so it’s really important to put boundaries in place to ensure that you ‘switch off’ every now and then. Co-founder of the adaptive landing page builder undelay.io, Estil Wallace knows this better than anyone — and he’s developed a routine to ensure that his personal life gets just as much attention as his professional endeavors.

“It should go without saying that by being an entrepreneur I work a lot. There‘s not really a balanced 9–5 type of schedule that will allow your idea to grow into a real business. It simply requires more time and attention than that to tackle the ever-growing to-do list in a short enough period of time to build a viable business. I’m basically working at any given time unless I’ve set aside some time to do something else, and those something else’s that break up the day or week I believe are what make working this much seem normal. It’s really easy to work right through dinner with my laptop open at the kitchen table. “

To combat this, he’s made a habit of ‘switching off’ from work on a regular basis to spend valuable time with his wife and daughter. Estil believes that scheduling this uninterrupted time has had a really positive impact on his overall productivity and outlook.

“So when my wife, daughter and I make the effort to go out and have a relaxing meal together I turn my phone off, not vibrate and I don’t take it out until we’re home. Spending uninterrupted time with my family a few times a week is good for my overall outlook and productivity. I’m typically available from 8am until 12am 7 days a week, so not answering an email or #slack message for an hour isn’t going to hurt my business, but burning out and not seeing my family will.”

Estil makes time for regular exercise too and he says that a regular fitness routine helps him to manage the daily stresses of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

“Working out boosts my energy levels and my confidence, it improves my sleep and reduces stress, which in turn dramatically increases my productivity at work. Besides improving my overall productivity having short and long term fitness goals promotes discipline, endurance, determination, as well as the use of multiple tactics in an overall strategy… Sounds a little like the kind of entrepreneur I’m striving to be. An hour a day can do all of that and literally add years to your life.”

We think it’s pretty awesome that Estil really values his work/life balance and manages to successfully dedicate time to both aspects of his life. It’s something that we’re really passionate about promoting within the Buckets community.

Go With The Flow

with Troy Osinoff of TroyOsinoff.com

Troy is a guy who’s always on the go, with a multitude of projects and titles alongside his name. He’s an entrepreneur, MakeAGif founder, author, an investor, and he’s also on the board of advisors at Stadium Red, Modern Vice, and Fitocracy.

Troy believes that ‘everyone operates differently and succeeds differently’ and that you can’t take a cookie cutter approach to building a successful routine. However, he was happy to share his morning ritual with us for some inspiration!

“I’m odd with working out; I start my workout at 12am and go until 1.30am. I generally wake up at 8.30 (much improved from when I had my startups and waking up at 10.30/11). I lay in bed for another 20min checking social media and trending news, and after I’m all ready to start my day -so I start checking my emails. I reply to what’s urgent and use boomerang on the low priority ones (I’m very OCD about having unanswered notifications).”

So if you want to get Troy’s undivided attention, just send him a tweet at 8.30am (or turn up at the gym after midnight — but that could get weird).

Stay Tuned

We hope you learned as much from these guys as we did! We’ll be publishing part 2 of this 5 part series next week — with loads more interesting insights to unveil. So keep an eye on the blog and follow us over on Twitter @bucketsdotco to make sure you don’t miss it!