5 Inspiring Co-working Spaces Across The World

Co-working spaces have become a haven for creative minds across the world, from startups to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote-based employees. Each space hosts a community of professionals who come together to connect, collaborate, and be inspired.

Is it a millennial thing? Well, 78% of co-workers surveyed last year were under 40 years of age — so I guess you could say that (apparently ‘millennials’ fall into the 1980–2000 bracket). But really, it’s a movement that’s become much more than that and it’s open to everyone. In fact, it’s the diversity in age, culture, and passion so prevalent within these co-working spaces that makes them the creative hubs that they are.

Whether you’re doing the whole work/travel thing for a few weeks, digital nomad-ing it up over in Thailand, or simply looking for a way to get out of the house whilst running your freelancing business from home — there’s a co-working space out there for you. Of course, we couldn’t possibly list them all here, but our goal is to inspire you to take a look at the various spaces available and give you an idea of what’s out there.

So, let’s get to it!

1. The Surf Office, Santa Cruz, Lisbon & Canary Islands

The clue is in the name with this one! This is a co-working and co-living space that also provides surfing lessons and surfing trips for members. With offices in Santa Cruz, Lisbon, and the Canary Islands, it’s not too difficult to see the appeal of getting in the surf!

The Surf Office is very much community based and it looks like a great place to meet new friends whilst working in a top class environment. When you’re not busy surfing the sea, you can start surfing the web in their co-working space with a wide range of amenities available; such as 24/7 WiFi, LCD screens, and — most importantly — a fully stocked kitchen (priorities!).

Prices start at around €65/$73 for a private single room and you also have the option of booking a double room for a little extra, or sharing a twin room with a friend to lower your costs.

2.Hubud, Bali

Who wouldn’t want to escape to Bali for a few weeks, or even a lifetime? Especially if you could find a co-working bamboo office that has a monkey forest on its doorstep.

Say Hello to Hubud.

With bragging rights to the ‘fastest WiFi in Ubud’, this exotic co-working space is a traveler’s paradise. There’s even an organic cafe on site that’s jampacked with healthy treats to keep you going throughout the day. Plus, if you’re interested in relocating, they have a ‘Soft Landing’ package available to plan your entire move!

You can work in Hubud on a daily rate of $12 or choose the membership option that best suits your requirements.

3. Agora Collective, Berlin

You can’t really talk about co-working without mentioning Berlin; the city is packed to the brim with co-working spots, events, and communities alike. The Agora Collective is one such co-working venue and it prides itself on the diversity of its community. Spread across 5 floors, the building offers a silent working space for when you need to focus, or simply work in peace, and a vibrant working room for when you’re in need of that ‘community buzz’.

These guys also host a ton of artsy stuff, such as life drawing classes, exhibitions, films, music events, and…practical shamanism (yeah, we had to google it too!).

There’s a cafe and garden on site for those well-deserved breaks, and the space is open 24/7 Monday-Friday. Prices start at €16 for a day pass and you can book a month’s full-time pass for €184.

4. TechHub, London

The TechHub has studios all over the world from, Madrid to Bangladesh. But its London Hub has definitely risen to the top as one of the biggest technology clusters in the UK capital. With 3 co-working spaces in Bonhill (shared with Google Campus), Shoreditch, and Old Street; it was already destined to become cool by association. But its Global Partnership with Google, announced in February 2016, has really shone a light on TechHub startups across the world.

As an added perk, there are regular events such as Investor Coffee Mornings, Workshops, and Drinks & Networking — which are all free to members. All memberships are global and offer 24/7 access (for fixed desks) to an amazing tech community with varying pricing packages. Rates start at £425 on the Flex Package.

5. Remote Year, Worldwide

If you’re interested in a year of co-working, and experiencing the digital nomad lifestyle with a few additional luxuries, then Remote Year might be the option for you. On each trip, 75 digital nomads are brought together to travel across 12 countries over the course of a year — with an entire itinerary of travel and exploring planned out in advance.

The real draw of this co-working package is that it takes away all of the ‘groundwork’ in planning a trip and the uncertainty of finding an internet connection or trying to familiarize yourself with a new place on your own. The team behind Remote Year do all of this for you and the package includes all travel, accommodation costs, a 24/7 workspace, and a range of activities and events.

Here’s the ‘but’, though— it’ll set you back a total of $27k for the year. This is made up of an initial down payment of $5,000, followed by 11 monthly payments of $2,000. Now, that seems an awful lot (because it is), but it all depends on how thrifty you think you could be if you did the work/travel thing on your own. Also, think about the fact that you won’t be paying rent for a year either. If you live somewhere like San Francisco, it’d probably work out cheaper for you to travel the world than to stay in your own rental!

Something like Remote Year won’t be for everyone, but its popularity really demonstrates the rise in digital nomadism across the world.

Where’s Your Favorite Co-Working Spot? Fill Us In!

Whether you’re a veteran of the co-working space or a newbie with a wishlist already written up, we’d love to hear about your favorite co-working spots and what they have to offer. And, listen, it’s not all surf, sea, and bamboo offices; some of the best co-working spots are absolutely free — and they’re called coffee shops!

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