5 Things You Should Move Out Of Your Brain And Into The Cloud

1. Writing To Do Lists

You don’t have to tell us how hard it is to remember everything we have to do in a day. You could just jot it down in a notepad, but how many of those have you lost over the years? Yep, thought so. Mine has wound up in the washing machine more than once, that’s for sure. And we won’t even bother talking about how quickly I run through Bic pens. Honestly, I’m convinced there are about a billion biros hanging around in the same place that all my odd socks have disappeared to.

The good news is, you don’t need a notepad or a pen to manage your to-do list in Buckets. Our coloured card system has a fantastic Checklist feature that lets you list everything that you need to do in advance. You can access it from your tablet, phone, or laptop, and every time you complete a task you’re rewarded with a neat little ‘cross off’. I still get a kick out of that every single time, by the way. And you will too.

2. Remembering Your To-Do List

It’s great to have a to-do list. But if you have a bit of a wandering brain (like I do), you may get distracted and forget that your to-do list exists at all. You may even end up writing a new one just a few hours later, not that I’ve ever done that or anything. It was at least a full day.

Now that Buckets is here to keep you on your toes, you can let your mind wander as much as you like. Once you’ve created your to-do list on Buckets, you’ll receive an email Reminder when you need to get started on a task; just enter in the date and time that you want to be reminded, and Buckets will remember everything for you. The Reminder goes straight to your email and links you right to your tasks list.

Just don’t forget to actually check your email, we can’t help you with that.

3. Prioritizing Work

I normally have a pretty varied workload and the hardest thing for me is mentally prioritizing the work that needs to be done. A mental to-do list just doesn’t cut it, because I can’t visualize everything that I have to do and constantly keep it updated at the same time.

With Buckets you can arrange all of your tasks by order and progress them through each stage of completion as you go. Let’s take writing for example. By just setting up a basic Kanban layout, i.e. ‘Upcoming, In Progress, Editing, Publish’ — you can ensure that you’re always prioritizing your most time-sensitive tasks without having to mentally rationalize it.

You can move your ‘articles’ (or whatever your tasks are) through each column as you progress, so nothing gets left behind and everything is done according to priority.

4. Brainstorming

You know how it is with brainstorming; you’re on the bus, on the subway, or even in the shower, when BOOM— the idea just comes to you. And you usually say to yourself, ‘I’ll remember that’, or maybe you scribble it down on a piece of paper (uh huh, in the infamous notebook we talked about earlier. So you can see where this is going).

But fast forward a few hours later and POOF, it’s gone. And so is that piece of paper.

Buckets has one singular mission in this regard, and that’s to make sure that this never happens! Once you’re set up on Buckets, you can start using the Notes feature on each of our Cards to write down multiple Notes and ideas. And let’s not forget the Sandbox, which is a lifesaver in this regard!

So, if you have an idea for that article at an ‘inopportune’ time (although, one might argue there’s never an inopportune time for good ideas), you can log on to Buckets to write a Quicknote about it and it’s there forever, right where you need it. Once you’ve added it to a Project, you can even set a Reminder email to let you know that you thought of it!

5. Saving All Your Media

You’re online, you’re researching, and you’re looking for that crucial reference or link for your next school project or work presentation.

But what do you do when you find it? You might think that saving that photo, podcast, or video, into a folder on your desktop is a good idea — but what if it gets deleted? Or what if you lose your USB? Sure, I’ve only ever lost one USB stick, but it just so happened to be the USB that contained my entire University thesis (still getting over that one; I’ll be catching up on those 2 weeks of sleep for the rest of my life).

As usual, Buckets has the answer. Our Attachments feature allows you to upload any kind of media you want directly your Sandbox or to a Card in a specific Project.

So if you have an essay or presentation to do, you can save all your research, pictures, videos, and podcasts directly on to your Buckets board. You’re impressed now, right?

Rather than sticking ‘join Buckets’ on your to-do list, why not sign up right now? Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to open that notebook again for another week anyway… and you should never keep a Bucket waiting.