Ace Your Skype Interview With Our Buckets Knowledge Bombs

So, you’ve sent off your resume and you’ve been invited to an interview (awesome!), but it’s a Skype interview.

If you’ve never done one of these before, then you’re probably not too sure what’s actually involved or what the whole thing entails. Skype interviews are becoming increasingly common for every job type — from office work to remote employment — but this is still unchartered territory for a lot of candidates and it can lead to unnecessary interview nerves.

Luckily, our Buckets Knowledge Bombs will ensure that you’ll be as prepared as you possibly can be!

Present Yourself Well

The key to being appropriately dressed for your interview is researching the culture of the company involved. Are they smart casual? Or strictly suits? Will you be overdressed in a button up shirt, tie, and blazer? Can you even be overdressed for the job you’re after? These are all pretty essential things to take into account when deciding on your interview outfit.

Get your Sherlock hat on and scope out the company website and social media activity before your Skype interview; this will give you a better feel for the company culture and help you to determine how their employees usually dress.

Also, as tempting as it may be, don’t forget about dressing up your bottom half! Sure, it’ll be hidden under your desk, but if you have to stand up for something your polka dot PJ bottoms will NOT be a good look. Plus, you’ll feel much more professional and confident if you’re dressed in full appropriate attire.

Don’t be this guy.

See What They See

It’s important to tidy up the general area that will be visible during your call, so if you’re interviewing from home then you might want to keep your laundry basket out of view. You want to appear organized, efficient, and productive, so a messy background isn’t going to help your cause. A neutral background is the best way to go and it’s a good idea to move controversial items that might sway the vote.

Also, don’t forget to make it known that you’re on an important call so that you won’t be interrupted mid-interview. If you have kids in the house, you should definitely get someone to mind them — or else find a really good TV show that will have them glued to the screen for an hour! If you’re interviewing for a remote position, it’s especially important that your potential employer knows that you have an office space where you can work uninterrupted.

Make Sure Your Username Is Professional

You’d be surprised at the amount of Skype usernames that really aren’t professional at all. If yours is more ‘xxxJohnxxx’ than professional, then you need to change it before sharing it with the hiring manager. FYI this also applies to email addresses when sending off resumes!

Be On Time

There’s really no excuse for being late to a Skype interview. It’ll create an awful first impression and it’ll also probably result in your interview having to be cut short (not good news for you). Do yourself a favor and ensure that you’re logged-in and set up with time to spare.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Now is the time to master the ‘slight lean in’. This is something that will make you come across as engaged and responsive during the conversation. Now is not the time to make rapid hand gestures every 10 seconds that end up turning your Skype screen into a scene from The Matrix.

Smile, don’t fold your arms, and move a little to show that you’re interested but not enough to look like you’ve had 5 cups of coffee. That’s all there is to it.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you can organize a ‘test interview’ with a friend beforehand, it’ll give you a chance to get familiar with the setting and really put you at ease before your actual Skype interview. You can also record the call and make sure that you come across well on screen. One thing to watch out for here is to ensure that you’re looking at the camera (i.e. the hiring manager) whilst talking, and not at yourself on the screen!

To ensure that you’re completely prepared, why not set up a checklist in Buckets to cover all of your interview prep? Just click here to set up your free Buckets account, create your checklist, and get organized to ace your next Skype interview.