Are You A Visual Learner?

Are you one of those people who never forgets a face? If so, it’s likely that you also have a visual learning style. And you’re in good company — alongside famous visual learners such as Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso, to name a few. Talented bunch, right? No pressure!

An established theory called the ‘VARK model’ indicates 4 different types of learners: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Read-Write. Whilst most people will dip and out of all 4, they will usually be predisposed to one specific style. Identifying yours is the key to fulfilling your true learning potential.

According to the Social Science Network, 65% of us are visual creatures — which is no surprise. After all, how often do you hear of a text update on social media going viral? Not too often, I reckon. The usual heroes of the social share are images, videos, and even infographics.

To determine whether you’re a visual learner, keep reading!

Visual learners tend to better understand and retain information that is associated with images. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love things like mind maps and diagrams because you can easily see things in your mind’s eye. Due to your epic sense of spatial awareness, you’ll also be a dab hand at directions (and maybe a bit of a backseat driver?!).

Here are a few other things that may indicate a visual learning style:

You LOVE taking notes. No, seriously, you’re one of those note-takers whose notes are actually legible. You were probably the Uni kid who everyone wanted to copy notes from (hate that), and you’re not really sure how you ever survived life without post-its. Well, until you came across the Buckets platform, that is.

You’re a style icon. Well, maybe not an icon, but you definitely know how to dress well. It’s highly likely that you’ve organized your wardrobe by color and your overall fashion sense is on point.

You’re a massive fan of ‘to-do’ lists and you use color to organize information. Which is why we’re trying to get your attention, by the way. The more traditional productivity tools and to-do lists often focus on a very linear and left-brained thought process, which isn’t really going to float your boat at all. You need a visual task map with great design and usability that’s designed with the right brained individual in mind.

You see, you have a bit of a short attention span unless you’re kept visually stimulated whilst learning — and the Buckets platform offers the perfect remedy to that. WE EVEN LET YOU COLOR CODE YOUR TO-DO LIST! How excited are you right now?

Since Buckets is based on the Kanban system, which in itself is a visual learning concept, you’ll soon feel right at home. Using our platform, you can create boards for each of your various projects, and then create colored Cards and Checklists to organize your tasks. Think of your Buckets Projects like your usual post-its on steroids, with added decor.

If this was Tinder, you’d totally swipe right.

Why not give Buckets a whirl right now and see what you think? After all, we’re the perfect match.

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