Keeping Track Of Events Without The Hassle

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ‘event invites’ in your Facebook sidebar, then you’re probably wondering how the heck to keep track of them all.

There’s Sarah’s 30th on Friday, John’s wedding the following week, and there’s your dentist appointment to fit in somewhere in the middle! If you don’t get a system in place, chaos can set in pretty quickly. (i.e. turning up in a tux at the dental office, carrying a wedding gift and a broken retainer…)

Come on Barbie, let’s go party…

Using Buckets, you can keep track of your events at a glance to ensure that you don’t miss anything — and to give you time to prepare an excuse for the events you want to miss! Hey, we’ve all been there.

For bigger events that take priority — such as a wedding — you really should start planning a few months in advance. This will allow you to map your schedule around your main priorities and slot in smaller ‘would like to go/do’ events where you can.

An easy way to do this is to create a new Project and assign a Column to each month. Then, you can set up a new Card for each event, like this;

You can also set Reminders for each event to help you to keep tabs on what’s coming up, and you can add in a Checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

So, if you’re the best man at John’s wedding, you can make sure you don’t forget the ring! You can even add in Reminders to each item on the Checklist, as follows;

Individual Event Boards

You can give an event its own Project board if there’s a great deal of planning and collaboration involved. For example, if you’re organizing a leaving party for a work colleague, and want to get everyone in on the action, you could set up a simple Kanban board and add your team as members.

By assigning tasks to each member, everyone will know which tasks they’re in charge of. You can also add a few members to a task and work together to collaborate/brainstorm new ideas.

This process makes it simple to assign a task called ‘collect money for a gift’ to 1 particular person, and then create another task for ‘gift ideas’ where everyone can make suggestions and decide what to purchase.

Using this system to manage your events will really help you to keep tabs on what’s coming up and what needs to be planned out in advance. It’s far less stressful than completely forgetting about a birthday/party/gig you were meant to attend, and then having a Facebook event reminder pop-up 24 hours beforehand!

Some words of wisdom though, if I may; when it comes to birthday dates, you really cannot rely on Facebook to let you know what’s what. This especially applies if you have an evil genius of a friend who puts down the wrong date for her birthday just to catch you out (not that I’ve ever done that…)!

Get your new Project set up, plan your events in advance, and you’ll transform into a stress-free social butterfly in no time.

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