Organize Your Class In Buckets

If you’re a lecturer, you know that trying to organize everything for all your classes can be a real pain. It’s enough to make you want to rip the leather patches off your tweed jacket. Yeah, both of them.

At Buckets, we know that teaching is a tough gig. Hey, not everyone can be Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. We won’t make you stand on your desk and scream ‘oh captain, my captain!’ at us, but we can make your lecturing life run a little smoother.

Think of Buckets as your virtual TA, except instead of running to get you coffee and scowl at your late students, we free you up to do more teaching and less photocopying. If we could, we’d still totally get you coffee, though.

We Make Everything Easier

If you’re organizing a class, you probably have 5 or 6 main concerns. You have a syllabus to stick to, notes to hand out, assignments to issue, dates to manage — the works. It can be tough to manage all that on your own and that’s where Buckets comes in.

If you set your class up as a Buckets project, you can put all of that information into one easily accessible place. We also cut out a lot of the boring paperwork that always eats up so much time. Do you find that putting together multiple class syllabuses is extremely tedious? We hear you. So, why bother piling whole forest’s worth of paper into your briefcase when there’s no need for it?

Buckets has an excellent feature that lets you duplicate your projects — so, if you’re teaching the same course to multiple different classes, you can make a separate project for each group.

We’re just so darned handy.

…And Hassle-Free

The biggest issue with any type of class management is the duplication of effort that happens at almost every turn. You’re photocopying the same notes three or four times, you’re handing out the same assignments three or four times, and it can get monotonous pretty quickly.

The Buckets platform makes sure that you only ever have to do something once. You can create a ‘template’ class project that you can endlessly copy in one click, which means no more photocopying. All your class materials can also be prepared in advance and easily transferred to whichever project you need.

So handy.

And That’s Not Even The Best Part

Using Buckets, you add all of your notes or handouts to individual cards within the project. Your students can then log-in and access them in less than two clicks.

You can add PDFs, Word files, Powerpoint documents, etc., for your students to access at any time.

With Buckets, your students can access all of your notes in one place. There’s no ‘cross contamination’ of class notes, handouts, reading materials, or quizzes, between different groups. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to sew the leather patches back onto the elbows of your tweed jackets! This is what I assume lecturers do in their spare time.

But That’s Not All…

Our checklist function allows you to give your students a set pathway of instructions to follow. This could be a reading list, an assignment, or even a set of questions you’d like answered; it’s completely up to you. Each student can then check off the items at their own pace.

Your students can all be assigned the same instructions and you can edit them on the fly if you need to. You have all the control.

You can even schedule Buckets to remind your students of the quiz or your updated notes at any time and they’ll be notified directly to their inbox.

Constant Interaction

Being perennially contactable by your students? What could be better? Uh… this is a bonus feature, we promise!

If one of your students has a question or comment, they can leave a comment on the appropriate card in Buckets. This is sent directly to your email where you can answer for the whole class to see.

This ensures that you and your class are constantly in contact — and while that might sound terrifying, it means that you can detect issues early on, clear up any confusion on a certain topic, or add something that you might have missed during the class.

The real beauty of it is that all of the students can see the answered question, so you only ever need to do it once.

The Buckets Effect

Classes don’t have to be the logistical nightmare that they used to be. We take a lot of the grunt work out of it with our clever software. And it’s completely free, so your students have no reason not to use it! Why not set up a test-run on the Buckets platform for your classes this week? Just remember to let us know how you get on!