Plan your Date With Buckets: The Ultimate Wingman

Whether you’ve been wooing your date for weeks or simply swiped right on Tinder — a first date can be an absolutely nail-biting experience. Where do you go? What do you wear? Can you wear brown shoes with black jeans? What will you even talk about? The list is endless.

Luckily for you, we have the list thing nailed down here at Buckets and we totally have your back. With the Buckets app downloaded to your phone, you can even take us along for moral support. In fact, you could say we’re the ultimate wingman (we’re modest folks — so we won’t say it, but you could).

And everyone needs a good wingman, even the ladies.

Planning Your Date

If you’ve done the ‘asking out’ part, then it’s generally up to you to come up with ideas for the actual date. You did remember that you actually have to go on a date, right? In fairness, the ‘asking out’ part is so stressful that we’d understand a momentary lapse in cognitive functioning!

Now, we’re not dating experts, but we do know a thing or two about planning — and we have a few tips to make sure you’ll be organizing date number 2 next week.

Here are a few things you’ll need to do in advance:

Choose your date venue: Will it be afternoon cocktails or a classy evening of wining and dining?

Make reservations if needed: Do not forget to make reservations. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a restaurant for dinner and not getting a table, or being stuck in the corner beside the kitchen door because it’s jam packed! You’ll be in the bad books with your date before your dinner has even started.

If you’re booking dinner, check with your date first. Make sure to do your research if you’re planning a dinner date; you don’t want to take a vegan to a BBQ! If you’re doing something ‘out there’ like planning an adventure trip, then you might give the object of your affections a heads up in advance — unless you want them to turn up at an amusement park in stilettos or a tux.

Plan your outfit in advance. This is something guys probably won’t think about until the last minute and something women will think about every minute up until the last minute, but it’s just as important in either case!

If you need to get something dry cleaned, get it sorted. If you need to borrow something, arrange it well in advance. And if you don’t have a decent pair of date worthy shoes, it’s time to get shopping. Your beat-up converse from 2005 might rock it in a dive bar but they won’t go down well if you’re taking your date to some fancy schmancy restaurant with a dress code. Then again, we’re partial to the odd dive bar here at Buckets!

Come up with a few conversation prompts. If you want to avoid those awkward silences, you’ll need to have a few conversation prompts up your sleeve! Or, listed on your Buckets app. Hopefully, you won’t need them at all — but it’s good to be prepared!

Devise an ‘emergency exit plan’: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your date can be a total disaster (the name’s Debbie BTW, Debbie Downer). But you know what’s even more cringe-inducing than a disastrous date? Trying to get yourself out of it! This is where your Buckets ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card comes in — with a range of exit excuses to save you from your date from hell.

Just come up with a few plausible exit strategies in advance, insert them as a checklist on Buckets, and set a reminder for the halfway point on your date. When the time rolls around, we’ll ping you with your checklist and you can choose to ignore it (if your date is awesome) OR you can grab that digital lifeline with both hands and be on your merry way. We did tell you that we were good at this stuff!

Here’s an idea of how you can organize everything on your Buckets Dating Board.

Just like your actual date, your Buckets Date Night board shouldn’t be too complicated, and there’s no need to overthink it either!


Once you have your date mapped out, you’ll be good to go! Remember, with Buckets as your wingman, you have nothing to worry about. Plan your date night today by signing up for your free Buckets account over here (we’re a cheap date).