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The right kind of music can motivate you, help you to de-stress, increase your overall productivity and really get you in the zone when it comes to conquering your to-do list.

However, the ‘wrong kind of music’ can distract you and actually decrease your productivity levels! The numerous studies in this area prove only one thing — that no two individuals are alike. The Mozart Effect is one of the most well-known examples of how music can increase productivity and it would lead us to believe that classical music is the way to go. But what if you hate classical music? What if you’re more creatively minded? What if it takes a bit of cheesy pop to get you in the swing of things? After talking to the crew here at Buckets, I discovered that we all have VERY varied tastes when it comes to finding an empowering productivity playlist.

For example — our CEO, Mike, likes a bit of Britney on the sly, whereas our dynamic intern, Paul, likes to start the day off with Enya and decompress with a bit of Right Said Fred.

Oh and Eric, co-founder of Buckets, has the joint hopping with the likes of Warren G & Nate Dogg and his playlist makes me feel seriously uncool just by looking at it (mainly because I’ve no idea who any of the artists actually are!).

Personally, I’m a massive fan of a productivity playlist when it comes to everything but work. I just can’t write anything when I’m distracted by music. I listen to music when I’m working on other tasks, but I can’t write with tunes blasting in the background. That said, I know a few writers who can’t get a word down without having their earphones in. So, I did some research and there are a few specific studies in this area that are worth taking note of.

A really interesting study I came across, in the International Journal Of Psychological Studies, found that the inability to work on creative tasks whilst listening to music is due to something called ‘cognitive interference’. The same study revealed that extroverts are actually less likely to be disrupted by this than introverts, stating that; ‘background music may have a more detrimental effect on the creative task performance of introverts compared with extroverts.’ Well, that solves that then!

Various other studies have shown that effectiveness of music on your productivity is heavily dependent on your own attention span, your working style, your musical tastes, and the tasks you’re doing at the time — i.e. how much concentration is required and whether the tasks are creative or repetitive. But one of the most important factors is actually beats per minute.

Is Katy Perry The Key To Your Productivity?

You think we’re kidding here, right? Nope. In a recent study conducted with Spotify, Psychologist Emma Gray discovered that music with 50–80 beats per minute actually has a calming effect on the brain and increases our capacity for learning and remembering new things. When it comes to problem solving or creative endeavors, this higher-paced music is optimal as it induces an ‘alpha state’ for working; the state where you’re at your most productive. According to Gray, upbeat pop songs like Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’ can ‘produce heightened excitement that is likely to enhance creative performance’.

So that explains the Britney track…

So What About The Buckets Playlist?

Scroll down for a sneak (diverse!) preview below, and you can check out the full Spotify playlist over here for a variety of tunes depending on your mood/what time of day it is. Why not give them a listen? You never know, a simple iPod shuffle might give your productivity a serious boost!

And if you want to be even more productive, you can sign up for your free Buckets account over here too.

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